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esopus drgn
Recent Entries 
(How's your mouth rolling today?)

Megaplex is in Florida,
Furry Cruise is on a boat,
There's Furry Weekend Atlanta,
Mephit Furmeet and Rocket City Furmeet,
Those are in the south,
There's Furry Fiesta in Texas,
FA United is in New Jersey,
Furfright is in Connecticut,
Morphicon is in Columbus, Ohio,
Furry Connection North is in Michigan,
There's Camp Feral and Furnal Equinox,
Those are in Ontario, Canada,
Rocky Mountain Fur Con,
That's in Colorado,
Rainfurrest and All Fur Fun are in Washington,
Midwest Fur Fest is in Illinois,
Anthrocon and Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend,
And Further Confusion and Califur,
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